Upcoming Focused Issue on Coronary atherosclerosis

Published: 2015-08-17
Guest Editors: 
SAHMRI Deputy Director, Strategy and Partnerships, Professor of Cardiology, University of Adelaide, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Yu Kataoka, MD
Cardiovascular Department, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan.

The main purpose for the focused issue:  
1. To introduce the ability of non-invasive/invasive imaging modalities to visualize atherosclerotic plaques within coronary artery
2. To elucidate characteristics of plaques in various subjects
3. To summarize the efficacy of anti-atherosclerotic therapies on coronary atherosclerosis
4. To introduce future imaging modality

The publishing schedule:
2016 February issue of CDT

The following is the outline of this issue:

New insights into coronary atherosclerosis
Yu Kataoka and Stephen J. Nicholls

Pathological Findings of Coronary Atherosclerosis
Fumiyuki Otsuka et al

Non-invasive imaging modalities to visualize atherosclerotic plaques
Daisuke Shishikura et al

Invasive imaging of coronary atherosclerosis
Satoshi Honda et al

The ability of medical therapies to modulate natural history of coronary atherosclerosis
Jordan Andrew et al

Visualization of High-risk plaques within coronary artery
Siddharth Wayangankar et al

Stabilization of high-risk plaques
Kohei Takata et al

Prediction of Cardiovascular outcome by imaging of coronary Atherosclerosis
Kazuaki Negishi et al

Future imaging: Molecular imaging
Daniel Scherer et al

Characteristics of coronary atherosclerosis in various subjects
Dennis Wong