Art and Medcine: Feature: Call for Submissions

Published: 2011-09-23

The journal Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (CDT) invites artists to submit artwork to our feature entitled Art and Medicine. We also encourage submission of manuscripts related to the role of art in medicine.

  • Submission of artwork should include a high-resolution image of the work and a brief one-page description of the artist and the artwork including a ‘credit line’ (see examples on the website: )
  • Submission of artwork and manuscripts should follow the general guidelines of the journal, available on the website, (Author Guidelines)

The primary goal of the journal CDT is to promote rapid exchange of scientific information related to cardiovascular care between clinicians and scientists worldwide and to become a globally respected source of up-to-date information about all aspects of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy. Art and Medicine will be a permanent feature of the journal.

With the increasing influence of electronic media and associated radical changes in the media landscape, new approaches to dissemination of peer-reviewed, scientific data are increasingly explored. The editorial team believes that this also applies to artwork.

The editorial concept of CDT addresses these challenges and the editorial team is therefore working diligently on the dissemination platform, both for the print and online versions of the journal. This includes developing a central platform for on-line presence, linked to major websites and social media. We are closely working with DXY (, the largest online academic portal for over two million Chinese physicians and life science professionals, with an average of 1.8 million daily page views. We are also cooperating with MDLINK (, which is a medical information tool used by physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Our central website will also provide access to other sister journals of the same and related research fields, and we also have connected the journal website to facebook, twitter,, etc.

The Editorial Team
Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy