Article Abstract

Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy as treatment for ischemic heart failure: the MSC-HF study

Authors: Enca Martin-Rendon, Mariann Gyöngyösi


Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is becoming a major health problem worldwide. Advanced revascularization procedures and medical interventions have significantly reduced the number of deaths due to IHD in the past decades. However, they have left an increasing number of patients who suffer from ischemic heart failure (HF) and often have no further treatment options (1). Approximately 20% of patients diagnosed with HF die in the following 12 months and up to 50% of them die within 5 years of diagnosis (2). The incidence of repeated hospitalizations and reduced quality of life of such patients is posing, and will continue to pose, a considerable economic burden for healthcare providers across the globe. Consequently, there is an unmet clinical need to develop novel treatments to reduce mortality and improve quality of life of patients with IHD and HF. Regenerative cell therapy approaches have been at the forefront of clinical investigations in cardiology for the last 15 years.