Structure and space
Arts and Medicine

Structure and space

Rachael Wren

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Submitted Dec 04, 2018. Accepted for publication Dec 10, 2018.

doi: 10.21037/cdt.2018.12.03

My paintings use geometry to give form and structure to ephemeral natural phenomena. I am drawn to moments in nature when form and space seem to mingle, when edges disappear and atmosphere becomes all-encompassing—fog playing between tree branches, light shining through clouds, the water’s horizon as it meets the sky. In my work, hints of landscape emerge and then dissolve into layers of subtly shifting color and mark. The small, discrete brushstrokes accumulate into dense, shimmering spaces, echoing the fundamental particles that compose all matter. They hover and vibrate between the crisp lines of an anchoring grid, an interplay that suggests the universal duality between structure and randomness, order and chaos, the known and the unknown (Figures 1-6).

Figure 1 Parallax, oil on linen, 36 inches × 36 inches.
Figure 2 Dreamstate, oil on linen, 30 inches × 30 inches.
Figure 3 Threshold, oil on linen, 36 inches × 36 inches.
Figure 4 Mirage, oil on linen, 48 inches × 48 inches.
Figure 5 Overgrowth, oil on linen, 24 inches × 24 inches.
Figure 6 Marsh, oil on linen, 20 inches × 20 inches.

Rachael Wren lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally, and she has been awarded numerous artist residencies and grants. More of Rachael’s work can be seen at




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