Article Abstract

Unprotected distal left main bifurcation drug eluting stent restenosis: first successful experience with simultaneous kissing balloon dilatation using sirolimus coated balloon

Authors: Ranjan Shetty, Naveen Chandra Ganiga Sanjeeva, Sumit Agarwal, Manish Doshi, Prakash Sojitra


Treatment of unprotected left main (ULM) in-stent restenosis (ISR) in patients with prior drug eluting stent implantation is challenging. Treatment usually involves complex stenting procedures or bypass grafting. Drug coated balloon (DCB) is relatively new concept which is usually used in treatment of ISR. In a patient of ULM ISR, use of DCBs is a safe, economic and a technically simple option with relatively good outcomes. We report use of simultaneous kissing balloon dilatation with novel sirolimus coated balloons (SCBs) via radial artery to treat ULM ISR.