Chrysanthemums in full bloom
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Chrysanthemums in full bloom

Yao-Hua Wu

Art Institute, Nan Tong University, Jiangsu 226019, China

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Submitted Nov 17, 2015. Accepted for publication Nov 18, 2015.

doi: 10.3978/j.issn.2223-3652.2015.12.03

These paintings are a collection of chrysanthemums selected from my art works (Figures 1-4). The chrysanthemum, together with the plum blossom, the orchid and the bamboo, is one of the “Four Gentlemen” of China. It is said that the chrysanthemum has been favored by Tao Qian, an influential Chinese poet who lived in the middle of the Six Dynasties period (c. 220-589 CE). The chrysanthemum has been considered as The Flower of Autumn in China, as well as a symbol of nobility. I favor the flowers beauty and its symbolic meaning.

Figure 1 The chrysanthemum 1, Xuan paper.
Figure 2 The chrysanthemum 2, Xuan paper.
Figure 3 The chrysanthemum 3, Xuan paper.
Figure 4 The chrysanthemum 4, Xuan paper.

Yao-Hua Wu is Professor and Dean of the Art Institute, Nan Tong University in Jiangsu Province, China. Prof. Wu has edited 29 books, including 3 textbooks, and published more than 40 articles in many prestigious academic journals, such as Art Research and Literature and Art Studies.

Prof. Wu specializes in traditional Chinese painting, research about art theory, and modern style decorative painting. He has been devoted to painting and fine arts since his childhood.


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