Vol 2, No 2 (June 2012): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy

Review Article

Impact of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology on cardiovascular disease research
Fengping Xu, Qin Wang, Fangfang Zhang, Yinling Zhu, Qingquan Gu, Liping Wu, Lin Yang, Xu Yang
Cardiac biomarkers: New tools for heart failure management
Navaid Iqbal, Bailey Wentworth, Rajiv Choudhary, Alejandro De La Parra Landa, Benjamin Kipper, Arrash Fard, Alan S. Maisel


African experiences of humanitarian cardiovascular medicine: The Cardiac Centre of St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital, Shisong
Sr. Appolonia Budzee, JC Tantchou Tchoumi, Alessandro Giamberti, JC Ambassa, Sylvia Cirri, Gianfranco Butera

Research Highlight

Aspirin in primary prevention: Can we individualize care?
Anuradha Lala, William R. Hiatt, Jeffrey S. Berger


New data on cardiovascular interventions in China reported
Editorial office, Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (CDT)