Vol 7, Supplement 2 (June 2017): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy


Shifting paradigms for treatment of symptomatic aortic stenosis in lower risk populations: role of a newer generation balloonexpandable transcatheter aortic valve implantation device
Erik Walter Holy, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
The prognostic value of residual coronary stenoses after functionally complete revascularisation
Dennis T. L. Wong
Duration of triple antithrombotic therapy and outcomes among patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention
Rahman Shah, Glenda Delgado, Shannon W. Finks
Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy as treatment for ischemic heart failure: the MSC-HF study
Enca Martin-Rendon, Mariann Gyöngyösi
Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (CDT) Editorial: the Minimalist Immediate Mechanical Intervention study
Muhammad Aetesam-ur-Rahman, Colin Berry
Prognostic superiority of coronary artery bypass grafting to percutaneous coronary intervention in non-diabetic patients with anatomically complex multivessel coronary artery disease
Kenji Sakata, Takuya Nakahashi, Masa aki Kawashiri
Revascularization strategies in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel coronary artery disease: urgent or staged?
Héctor Cubero-Gallego, Rafael Romaguera, Albert Ariza-Sole, Joan Antoni Gómez-Hospital, Angel Cequier
How far have we come with bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, and where should we go?
Jeehoon Kang, Kyung Woo Park, Hyo Soo Kim
The optimal duration of dual antiplatelet therapy after implantation of drug-eluting coronary stents: an unanswered question
Cristina Aurigemma, Francesco Burzotta, Carlo Trani
Does successful chronic total occlusion recanalization fail to improve long-term survival?
Masaki Tanabe
Bioresorbable vascular scaffolds for complex coronary anatomies: “Icarus’ flight” for interventional cardiologists?
Salvatore Cassese, Adnan Kastrati, Massimiliano Fusaro
Long-term dual antiplatelet therapy and concomitant optimal medical therapy following percutaneous coronary intervention
Giuseppe Gargiulo, Marco Valgimigli
Requiem for routine thrombus aspiration
Steffen Desch, Thomas Stiermaier, Holger Thiele, Suzanne de Waha
Thrombus aspiration in primary percutaneous coronary intervention: still a valid option with improved technique in selected patients!
Fabio Mangiacapra, Mangiacapra Sticchi, Emanuele Barbato
Editorial to 1-year outcomes of FFRCT-guided care in patients with suspected coronary disease
Iryna Lobanova, Adnan I. Qureshi
The relationship between total ischemic time and mortality in patients with STEMI: every second counts
Umair Khalid, Hani Jneid, Ali Emin Denktas


The supplement was published without any sponsorship or funding.