Vol 7, No 5 (October 2017): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (Advances in Cardiac CT)


Advances in cardiac CT
Prabhakar Rajiah, Suhny Abbara

Review Article

Myocardial computed tomography perfusion
Kelley R. Branch, Ryan D. Haley, Marcio Sommer Bittencourt, Amit R. Patel, Edward Hulten, Ron Blankstein
Fractional flow reserve computed tomography in the evaluation of coronary artery disease
Shaw Hua Kueh, Matthew Boroditsky, Jonathon Leipsic
Myocardial ischemia testing with computed tomography: emerging strategies
Prabhakar Rajiah, Christopher D. Maroules
Plaque imaging with CT—a comprehensive review on coronary CT angiography based risk assessment
Márton Kolossváry, Bálint Szilveszter, Béla Merkely, Pál Maurovich-Horvat
3D printing from cardiovascular CT: a practical guide and review
James M. Otton, Nicolette S. Birbara, Tarique Hussain, Gerald Greil, Thomas A. Foley, Nalini Pather
The role of advanced reconstruction algorithms in cardiac CT
Sandra S. Halliburton, Yuki Tanabe, Sasan Partovi, Prabhakar Rajiah
Computed tomography of cardiomyopathies
Kevin Kalisz, Prabhakar Rajiah