Embroidering the microscopic world

Posted On 2013-03-25 12:01:22
I have always found an interesting correlation between working in fibers and the microscopic world. When working with fibers, much of the same terminology is used as with the body, such as capillaries and veins. Olfactory Receptors, Figure 1, was hand embroidered on linen with silk, cotton, linen, and wool threads. When looking at images from under the microscope, I am amazed by the complexity and beauty of the unseen world. I embroidered images of Ebola, Figure 2, and H5N1, Figure 3, exploring the beauty of these terrible viruses. Embroidered, these viruses become objects of beauty, their destruction and danger to the body hidden. Only through closer inspection of the image does the image reveal itself. Through stitching, these works bring the unseen microscopic world to sight, exploring fiber’s relationship to the body and ornamenting the deleterious.

Mia Weiner is currently completing her BFA in Fiber Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her studies have also included Biological Illustration at Brown University, and textile history in Turkey and Greece. Mia has worked as a studio assistant for fiber artists Nick Cave and Karen Reimer. Her work has been shown internationally; Mia’s upcoming shows include “To/ From Tawney” at the Middendorf Gallery in Baltimore and “Materials: Hard and Soft” at the Greater Denton Arts Council. To see more of her work you can visit www.miaweiner.com.