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Radiologic review of acquired pulmonary vein stenosis in adults

	author = {Mauricio Galizia and Rahul Renapurkar and Lourdes Prieto and Michael Bolen and Joseph Azok and Charles T. Lau and Ahmed H. El-Sherief},
	title = {Radiologic review of acquired pulmonary vein stenosis in adults},
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	volume = {8},
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	abstract = {Acquired pulmonary vein stenosis (PVS) is an uncommon occurrence in adults, but one that carries significant morbidity/mortality. PVS can be secondary to neoplastic infiltration/extrinsic compression, non-neoplastic infiltration/extrinsic compression, or iatrogenic intervention. This article: (I) reviews the common causes of acquired PVS; (II) illustrates direct and indirect cross-sectional imaging findings in acquired PVS (in order to avoid misinterpretation of these imaging findings); and (III) details the role of imaging before and after the treatment of acquired PVS.},
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