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Lower extremity arteries

	author = {Manish Kumar Yadav and Adil K. M. Mohammed and Vineeth Puramadathil and Deepa Geetha and Madhavan Unni},
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	abstract = {Lower extremity arteries play vital role of supplying blood to the extremity bone, muscles, tendons and nerves to maintain the mobility of the body. These arteries may get involved with a number of disease processes which restrict the optimal functioning of the limb. The knowledge of various diseases, clinical presentation, appearance on various imaging modalities and segments of involvement helps one to clinch the diagnosis. It is of paramount importance for imaging clinician to apply the correct imaging tool based on the clinical question which is facilitated by know how of the advantages and limitation of each of these imaging modalities. This article focuses on lower extremity arteries, its anatomy, various imaging modalities and common disease conditions affecting the lower limb arteries.},
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