Department of Hypertension, Medical University of Lodz, Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute (PMMHRI), Lodz, Poland

Prof. Maciej Banach was an Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland (2010-2012). He is a President of Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital - Research Institute (February 2014-), Head of Cardiovascular Research Centre at University of Zielona Gora, full Professor of Cardiology at the Medical University of Lodz and Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital - Research Institute, Head of Foreign Affairs Office (2012-2014), Head of Department of Hypertension (2008-) at the Medical University of Lodz and Professor in the Department of Nephrology, Hypertension and Family Medicine, Chair of Nephrology and Hypertension, at the WAM University Hospital in Lodz, Poland (2009-). He is member of the Executive Committee of European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) working as an Advisor in Matters related to European Union Relations/Contacts, and the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) Regional Federation Executive Committee Member for Europe. He is a Founder and Head of the Polish Lipid Association (PoLA) (2011-) - the official partner of National Lipid Association (NLA, US) and Lodz Chapter of Polish Society of Hypertension (2009-). He is the founder of the Lipid and Blood Pressure Meta-analysis Collaboration (LBPMC) Group (2012-) – a group of over 100 worldwide experts aimed to investigate the most important issues in the field of lipid disorders and hypertension. He is a Visiting Professor of University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes in Timisoara, Romania (2014-).

Prof. Banach has published more than 550 original articles, reviews, editorials and book chapters in the field of hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiology, cardiac surgery, and risk stratification. His combined IF (for only full-text manuscripts) is over 2500 pts., number of citations: 4592 (acc. Web of Science Core Collection), 5526 (acc. SCOPUS), 5981 (acc. ResearchGate), and 8041 (acc. Google Scholar), Hirsch’s Index = 32 (WoS), 37 (SCOPUS), 38 (ResearchGate) and 44 (i10-index: 218) (Google Scholar). Being within 1% the highest cited scientists in the world (in the research area of Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology and Toxicology) according to Essential Science Indicators by TRS (with 14 TOP Papers). Prof. Banach is also within 60 top worldwide experts according to ExpertScape in the field of statin therapy (expertise ranks in the top 0.089%), and within 60 top European experts for LDL Cholesterol/Lipoproteins and HDL Cholesterol/Lipoproteins (expertise ranks in the top 0.11% for both).

He is a fellow of the Council for High Blood Pressure Research of the American Heart Association (FAHA), National Lipid Association (FNLA), American Society of Angiology (FASA), European Society of Cardiology (FESC), Royal Society for Public Health (FRSPH) and Society of Geriatric Cardiology (FSGC; 2008-2010). He is a member of the working-core of Alliance for Biomedical Research/European Council for Health Research (2011-2013 and 2016- being as a EAS representative), steering committee of European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing (2010-2012) at the European Commission, member of the European Commission's Scientific Panel for Health (SPH) (2014-2017), and steering committee of Centre for Good Aging / Healthy Ageing Research Center (HARC) at the Medical University of Lodz, member of Committee for Public Health of the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the Scientific Board of Institute of Sport in Warsaw, Poland, and the Presiding Board of Scientific Committee of the Polish Ministry of Health (2015-).

He is a laureate of several prizes and award, including: The Manager of the Year 2016 – Public Entities, “Gold Scalpel” Distinction in 2016 for the Innovation; The Personality of the Year 2013 in Poland for the development of science in the field of healthcare – founded by the Heath Manager journal (Termedia Publishing House), Super-Talent in Medicine 2012 Award – the winner of the competition for young scientists in medicine (up to 40) founded by Puls Medycyny journal; scientific awards of Ministry of Health of Republic of Poland for the cycle of publications (2009, 2011), 18 individual and group scientific awards of President of Medical University of Lodz (2009-2016); START Award (2008) and Conferences Awards (2005, 2007) of Foundation for Polish Science, Polityka journal Awards for Young Scientists (2006), and Travel Grants of European Society of Hypertension (2007) and Heart Failure Association of ESC (2005, 2007).

His main area of scientific interests concerns hypertension aspects (risk stratification, prehypertension, new biomarkers, optimal level of BP - J-curve phenomenon, pharmacotherapy/combined therapy, prevention, complications), lipid disorders (risk stratification, new biomarkers, diagnosis, rare diseases), dyslipidemia therapy (statins, new drugs, combined treatment) and new drugs in CVD therapy.

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2019 – Jun 2021