Carlos David Escobedo Uribe, MD

Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, The University Hospital of San Luis Potos, San Luis Potos, Mexico

Professor Escobedo, MD, is a staff physician in the department of cardiology and internal medicine at the University hospital of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. His particular clinical interest is focused on cardiovascular imaging with computed tomography and echocardiogram for coronary, aortic disease and cardiac function.

He received his medical degree from the University of San Luis Potosí, and clinical training in cardiology and cardiac imaging at the national cardiology institute “Ignacio Chavez” in Mexico City, also a Master Degree in clinical investigation from the National University of Mexico.

His publications include the evaluation of the aortic root in patients prior to TAVI and clinical application of stem cells. Actually works in the association of inflammation and the atherosclerotic process.

Dr. Escobedo is member of the European association of cardiovascular imaging and also member of the Mexican Society of Cardiology. He has contributed to chapters in cardiology textbooks.

Terms of Appointment: apr 2013 – Mar 2015