Valeriya N-Georg

London, UK

Valeriya N-Georg is an artist inspired from Neuroscience, Psychology and Consciousness studies, who work with a range of media: drawing, printmaking, sculpture, digital and mixed media ( In her practice, Valeriya combines digital production with making by hand and developed experimental new techniques for making monotype prints, based on layered acrylic gel on boards and light box installations, which she scans, collages and manipulates digitally to create large scale digital prints. Just as cells can make copies of themselves, N-Georg’s digital collage is made from many copies of her gel monotype prints. Her light box installations illuminate the ink print made upon the gel surface and conveys a sense of a medical forensic examination on the surgeon’s table.

Valeriya N-Georg holds BA in Fine Art at University of East London and MA degree in Visual Arts - Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art, University of The Arts London. She is a member of Art & Science Collaborations Inc. and SciArt Center New York. Her works are selected and exhibited regularly all over the world and has been included in many private collections across UK, Europe and America. N-Georg currently resides and works in London.

Credit: Photo taken by Ansell Cizic

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2019 – Jun 2021