Gaston A. Rodriguez-Granillo, MD, PhD

Department of Cardiovascular Imaging, Diagnostico Maipu, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Rodriguez-Granillo is a staff cardiologist in the Department of Cardiovascular Imaging at Diagnostico Maipu, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His main clinical interests are focused on the assessment of coronary atherosclerosis and cardiovascular imaging by means of computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and intravascular ultrasound. His particular interests are vulnerable plaque/vulnerable patient imaging, CT myocardial perfusion and infarct characterization, and calcium scoring.

He received his medical degree from the Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, and doctoral degree (PhD) from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam under the supervision of Professors Patrick Serruys and Pim de Feyter. He completed his training at the Otamendi Hospital in Buenos Aires, and earned a position at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Investigations (CONICET) in 2008. Dr. Rodriguez-Granillo is Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, is first author of a textbook of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance, and has contributed to several chapters in other medical textbooks related to his specialty interests. 

He has published over 100 original and review articles in leading peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, European Heart Journal, and Heart, among others. He has been invited to present his clinical experience and research in several European countries, as well as in the USA and throughout South America.