Daniel Staub, MD

Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Angiologie, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Daniel Staub graduated in 1998 at the medical school at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. After medical school Daniel Staub started with clinical research in vascular ultrasound and his residency in surgery and internal medicine in different hospitals including the university hospital Basel. After finishing his board certificate in internal medicine he did his fellowship in Angiology at the university hospital Basel with Professor K.A. Jaeger. During these years he published different clinical studies on the use of Duplex ultrasound and cardiac biomarkers in cardio-vascular medicine. 

In 2008 Daniel Staub did a research fellowship at Rush University Medical Center, in the department of Cardiology, in Chicago. During this year he worked in the ultrasound laboratory of Professor S.B. Feinstein on contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the carotid artery. Based on this fellowship Daniel Staub published several clinical studies on new sonographic surrogate markers of atherosclerosis (vasa vasorum). In 2009 Daniel returned to Switzerland and worked as senior physician in the division of Angiology at the university hospital Basel. He continued his research on the use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in vascular medicine supported by a grant of the Swiss national science foundation.

Since 2013 Daniel Staub is Professor of Angiology at the university of Basel and head of the division of Angiology at the university hospital Basel. 

He is responsible for teaching at the medical school and serves as speaker and gives lectures in several national and international scientific meetings as expert in vascular ultrasound. 

His research interests are focused on imaging in vascular medicine, particularly contrast-enhance ultrasound. Daniel Staub is up to now author of over 50 PubMed listed peer-reviewed original articles, and over 20 review articles/editorials and letters. Daniel Staub is member of the editorial board of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy.

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2019 – Jun 2021