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Yvan Patrick Akré

Motion and Graphic designer, website: www.focus-group.biz

Correspondence to: Yvan Patrick Akré. Motion and Graphic designer, website: www.focus-group.biz. Email: contact@focus-group.biz.

Submitted Sep 08, 2016. Accepted for publication Sep 09, 2016.

doi: 10.21037/cdt.2016.10.04

The heart (Figure 1) has several colors: the grayscale part expresses the ash resulting from annihilation of substance or death, or disease without any treatment. The bright colors in form of a flap or transplant, represent rebirth or return to life by the surgeon’s hand symbolized by the scalpel. The flap is shaped in the form of the African continent, reflecting the topic of cardiac surgery in Africa.

Figure 1 Heart.




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