Heart catheterization in adults in a sub-Saharan tertiary centre: 8 years’ experience

Jean Claude Ambassa, Mvondo Charles, Tantchou Tchoumi Jacques Cabral


Background: The goal of the investigation was to analyze the results of heart catheterization in the Cardiac centre Shisong from December 2010 till December 2017.
Methods: This retrospective study done in the Cardiac centre Shisong in adult patients that underwent a procedure in the catheterization laboratory from December 2010 till December 2017.
Results: Three hundred and sixty-five adult underwent a cardiac catheterization procedure during the study period. Among the patients, 126 were female while 239 were male. The mean age at presentation was 52.6±12.9 years old. Patients were coming from neighboring countries: Nigeria n=5 (1.3%), Tchad n=3 (0.8%), Equatorial Guinea n=4 (1%), Democratic republic of Congo n=2 (0.5%). Patients were also coming from all the ten regions of Cameroon: Littoral n=122 (33.2%), Centre n=127 (34.8%), North west n=47 (12.9%), South west n=17 (4.5%), West n=26 (7.1%), North n=7 (1.8%), Adamaoua n=8 (2.1%), Far North n=5 (1.3%), South n=2 (0.5%), East n=4 (1%). Depending on the type of procedures diagnostic coronarography in case with suspicion of coronary artery disease and presurgical coronarography were the main procedures done in 171 patients (46.8%) and in 146 patients (40%) respectively. Diagnostic coronarography was positive in 31 cases (8.4%). In patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD), percutaneous intervention with dilatation of the coronary arteries and implantation of stents was done in 19 cases (5.2%). The remaining 12 cases (3.2%) were having many lesions that could be managed only by coronary artery grafting surgery, done with success in all the cases. In grown up congenital heart disease patients, diagnostic catheterization was done in 48 cases meanwhile interventional catheterization: pulmonary artery valvuloplasty, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) closure, atrial septal defect closure and decoarctation of the aorta were done in n=11 (3.4%), n=9 (2.4%), n=12 (3.2%), n=6 (1.6%) cases respectively.
Conclusions: Coronary heart disease was confirmed by angiography in 8.4% cases, and among grown up congenital heart disease ‘patients, atrial septal defect was the pathology the most managed. Heart catheterization is done in the Cardiac centre Shisong with good results.