Synaptic Incubations of Another Kind

Posted On 2015-05-21 10:35:37

In the series of sculptures titled “Synaptic Incubations of Another Kind”, Olga Alexander references biological systems. In this series, there are five sculpture in all which are part of a larger installation; the three seen here measure, 4.5 inch × 4 inch × 4 inch, 6 inch × 4 inch × 4 inch and 4 inch × 4.5 inch × 4.5 inch respectively (Figure 1). Interwoven throughout the sculptures are colored fishing lines and plastic tubing which animate the encapsulated pieces. These materials are reminiscent of force field patterns, neural networks, membranes, or hybrid organs in-the-making and operate as building blocks for organic matter presently undifferentiated.

Each sculpture begins with structuring cut packaging paper, a malleable material that lends itself to constructing three-dimensional forms. “Synaptic Incubations” are finally enclosed in clear Plexiglas containers with fluorescent colored lids, creating works that mimic imaginary hybrid lab specimens that are gestating before they are to differentiate into some unknown form in the future.

Olga Alexander is a New Yorker who obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley and her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee. While in Tennessee, she became the gallery director for A-1/Lab Art Space, a multi-disciplinary, non-profit art space.

Ms. Alexander is currently at work expanding Synaptic Incubations of Another Kind to include sound and video images. Collaborations are welcomed and samples of her artwork may be viewed at: