Three Swans

Posted On 2011-11-02 10:59:06

Sarah Morris (b. 1967 – London). Morrishas been internationally recognized for her complex painted abstractions andfilms, which are derived from the close observation of the architecture andpsychology of urban environments. In her paintings she uses colors andgeometries that she associates with a city’s unique aesthetic vocabulary andpalette, as well as its character and energy. Her main interest has beenreserved for major cities and the industries, activities and behavior therein.As a result of their particular cultural, commercial, and political conditions,the cities’ appearances differ markedly, and she treats each as aself-referential system. The artist creates a montage of scenes from everydaylife, distinctive architectural features and media images that reflect theofficial image of each city, and arranges them in a rhythmically editedsequence.