Cardiac CT Made Easy (Second Edition)

Published: 2014-07-16

Cardiac CT Made Easy (Second Edition)

Edited by Paul Schoenhagen, Carl J. Schultz, Sandra S. Halliburton

Obtaining and interpreting images of the heart is critical to the successful management of any cardiac disorders. Several imaging modalities areused to help cardiologists correctly diagnose these disorders and initiate themost appropriate form of treatment.

Since the first publication of this book, the use of cardiovascular CTimaging has increased exponentially. Revised and updated, Cardiac CT Made Easy:An Introduction to Cardiovascular Multidetector Computed Tomography, Second Edition* captures these advances in CT scanner technology and clinical experience. For the first time, this new edition includes online access toimaging video clips.

Combining the expertise of leading cardiovascular imaging groups in NorthAmerica, Europe, and Asia, this second edition continues to serve as acomprehensive introduction to the field. It focuses on the principles ofmultidetector computed tomography (MDCT) for cardiovascular applications,practical aspects of scan acquisition and interpretation, clinical indicationsand imaging protocols, and clinical findings of common cardiovascular diseaseconditions. The book is an essential resource for those new to the field and atrustworthy reference for those needing answers to specific questions orlooking to update their knowledge.

*Now includes an identical eBook version from VitalSource with access tovideo material

Key Features

• Describes the principles of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) forcardiovascular applications

• Examines practical aspects of scan acquisition and interpretation
•Reviews clinical indications and imaging protocols
• Discusses clinicalfindings of common cardiovascular disease conditions

• Compares MDCT with other imaging modalities such as conventionalangiography, intravascular ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, andechocardiography

• Contains a large number ofselected images highlighting key findings • Includes online access to imagingvideo clips

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