Imagination and concept intertwined

Valeriya N-Georg


Valeriya N-Georg is an artist inspired by neuroscience, psychology and consciousness studies, who works with a range of media: drawing, printmaking, sculpture, digital and mixed media. She is interested in exploring the boundaries between the inner and outer body; between the physical and metaphysical; tangible and intangible. N-Georg combines digital production with making by hand and has developed experimental new techniques for making monotype prints, based on layered acrylic gel on boards and light box installations (Figure 1), which she scans, collages and manipulates digitally to create large scale digital prints. Her work is deeply influenced by sources such as Antonio Damasio’s research on the relationship between the brain and the consciousness, the role of emotions and feelings for our life-regulating processes and mental representations of our body states, or Dr. Bruce Lipton’s ideas about interactions between mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information.