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Pulmonary vasculitis: diagnosis and endovascular therapy

Authors: Kiran Batra, Murthy Chamarthy, Rodrigo Caruso Chate, Kirk Jordan, Fernando Uliana Kay


Pulmonary vasculitides are caused by a heterogeneous group of diseases with different clinical features and etiologies. Radiologic manifestations depend on the predominant type of vessel involved, which are grouped into large, medium, or small-sized vessels. Diagnosing pulmonary vasculitides is a challenging task, and radiologists play an important role in their management by providing supportive evidence for diagnosis and opportunities for minimally invasive therapy. This paper aims to present a practical approach for understanding the vasculitides that can affect the pulmonary vessels and lungs. We will describe and illustrate the main radiologic ndings, discussing opportunities for minimally invasive treatment.

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