European creativity and American experience

Posted On 2012-09-06 14:08:39

Pablo Picasso stated, “art does not call for explanations”. He should know having created so many incredible pieces. Why then do so many people seek explanations regarding the what, the where, and the when a piece evolved.

Are people really seeking to understand the artist himself - the who, the how, and the why? Do they want to connect with the way an artist perceives and interprets reality and thus creates a new reality. What if their questioning is not as much with regard to the result but the reason of creation?

I have no intention giving any explanations to specific pieces of mine but feel that it might be noteworthy to explain the way I call them to life.

At the art academy of Trier, a college lecturer almost disbelieved my facing an empty canvas and not having a vision of what I intend to paint, until he saw and encouraged my working process. What he did want me to do though is work in series for the benefice of evolution.

European creativity and American experience

Denise Hansen

Pages: 252-257