Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension

Posted On 2019-11-22 10:17:13

This focused issue on “Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension” is edited by Dr. Christian Apitz and Dr. Astrid Lammers.

Christian Apitz, MD
Division of Pediatric Cardiology, University Children's Hospital, Ulm, Germany

Dr. Apitz is Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at the University Ulm and head of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at the University Children’s Hospital Ulm.

One of his clinical main interests is the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with pulmonary hypertension and heart failure.

He is involved in many research studies focusing on right ventricular and pulmonary vascular haemodynamics and interactions resulting in more than 100 publications and 20 book chapters.

Dr. Apitz is member of the executive board of the German Pediatric Pulmonary vascular disease Network, and is involved in drafting guidelines and consensus statements on the management of children with pulmonary hypertension.

Astrid Lammers, MD
Division of Paediatric Cardiology, University Hospital Muenster, Muenster, Germany

Dr. Lammers is a consultant in paediatric cardiology and intensive care medicine and lead of the pulmonary hypertension clinic for children, which she established at Münster University Hospital in 2014. She graduated in 1999 from Hanover Medical School, where she developed an interest in pulmonary hypertension early on during her career. In her German MD thesis she investigated the effects of hypobaric hypoxia on the myocardium in an animal model of pulmonary hypertension.

Dr. Lammers trained in paediatric cardiology at the German Heart Centre in Munich and completed her cardiology training at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK. During this time she worked for the UK Pulmonary Hypertension Service for Children and with the Transplantation Team.

In 2011, she received a postgraduate degree (MD Research) at University College London for her work on ‘Non-invasive evaluation, therapy and transplantation in children with pulmonary hypertension’. Her ongoing academic interest is risk assessment of children with pulmonary hypertension and functional evaluation. In 2017, Dr. Lammers completed her German PhD, focusing on clinical aspects of the care for children with pulmonary hypertension.

She is author and coauthor of a series of peer-reviewed publications and consensus guidelines. At present, she is lead of the working group ‘Paediatric Pulmonary Hypertension’ of the German Society for Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects, and engaged in other international task forces (PVRI).

She acts as associate editor for the International Journal of Cardiology and serves as counselling physician and chair on international steering boards for drug trials.

Focused issue outline:

  1. Pediatric pulmonary hypertension
  2. "Update from the WSPH 2018 on definition and classification – does it have impact on treatment strategies?"
  3. Biomarkers and risk predictors
  4. Role of echo in pediatric PAH
  5. Role of MRI in pediatric PAH
  6. Haemodynamic assessment in pulmonary hypertension
  7. Treatment of PAH
  8. Holes and strings – how can we influence interventricular mechanics?
  9. Lung transplantation in pediatric PAH – quo vadis?
  10. Treatment of patients with Eisenmenger syndrome - state of the art in the 21st century
  11. Pulmonary hypertension in Fontan circulation – A rationale for PAH drugs?
  12. Impact of exercise training on heart rate variability in children with PAH
  13. Hypobaric chamber experience – Are we ready for flight recommendations?
  14. Moya-Moya and PAH – a rare combination
  15. Pulmonary veno-occlusive disease in childhood

The focused issue “Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension” was commissioned by the editorial office, Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy without any sponsorship or funding. Christian Apitz and Astrid Lammers are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the focused issue.